The Sardinian lentil soup

Ingredients for 6 people:

about 300 g of lentils
4/5 tablespoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil
100 g of guanciale
a rib of celery
a carrot
an onion
a clove of garlic
12 slices of homemade bread of wheaten flour
100 g of fregola
salt and pepper to taste

In a pot, fry lightly the chopped of salty guanciale, 

 garlic, parsley, onion, celery and carrot.
Add the lentils, softened and drained, and let brown for about 2 minutes. Then, increase the water and bring to the boil, let cook and regulate the salt and pepper.
Halfway through cooking, add the fregola into the pot.
Serve the hot soup on plates, on a bed of toasted croutons of homemade bread.
At will, also you can add the grated cheese, preferably mature Pecorino sardo cheese.