Lobster at the housewife

Ingredients for about 6 people:

a live lobster at least 1 Kg
a sprig of parsley
a decilitre of extra virgin olive oil
a glass of lemon juice (or a tablespoonful of vinegar)
coarse salt and pepper to taste


Tie the lobster holding it folded in two, with the tail towards the head, with a string.
Boil water and dip the lobster in the vertical direction, and add the coarse salt.
After about 20 minutes, remove the lobster and let it cool. Untie and cut it in the shell starting from the back as far as the end of the tail, dividing it into two parts for the entire length, for then continue the cut also towards the head. Eliminate the gut and the bag of sand, and keep in a bowl, the parties creamy (gray-greenish) and the eggs (in the female lobsters).
To the latter, add a chopped of parsley, plenty of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and pinch of pepper. Stir until get a thick sauce.
Cut the lobster into pieces and place it on a serving dish, pouring the sauce on it and arrange around claws, previously crushed to facilitate the extraction of the pulp.
Serve after one hour of preparation.